Friday, 26 June 2015

Smart City would be something after becoming Jodhana

Jodhpur city has been included in the list of Smart City. Having traveled for over five and a half years, the city in the past with the present in many ways buffeted cum go faster way to modernity is caught but did not leave their traditions. So Smart City Planning Minister Narendra Modi in 100 cities of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Kota, Bikaner, Bharatpur, including Jodhpur city adopted. Although the final decision of the Government of Rajasthan, but the central government to make smart city of Rajasthan which has set the standard in terms of her city smart city can become. A few years later we will see how Jodhana Smart City will be?
Smooth traffic
Current and future generations to clean up efforts are begun to unleash facilitate traffic feature. Increasingly burgeoning city to add to that end by the end of the flyover and Speed Corridor will be effective. Metro Rail runs or nano may appear. Gleaming roads and ring road links to the city each end. Nagpur Road International Airport begins direct flights to cities such as New York and London can be found here. Following along the lines of metropolitan suburb Satellite Township planning will be key. Pali, Nagpur and Jaipur on the road to something else sight.

Will such possible
The JDA thirty kilometers in the city and will have to acquire the land. JDA will also expand itself. Especially in the area of IIT Nagpur road being built in view of the possible development plan must now prepare.

Smart City have become standard
According to experts, the aim of creating Smart City is to make urban life level. Smart means where there are options for every job and go out the way. Smart City will be created with this in mind; the city is exploring the possibilities-such as the city's population is how much? Tourism and religion or any other city in terms of what is the significance? Such as Smart City Jodhpur to develop tourism and Bangalore to keep his leading IT aspect will be taken into account. What opportunities for employment and economic growth in the city Hna? What kind of economic system, etc.

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