Monday, 21 July 2014

World Top Tourist Destination London stays again

This time London can take placed a crown of World Top Tourist Destination & defeat popular tourist cities such as Bangkok and Paris. According to a recently published report, 18.7 million international tourists are expected to visit London. This number is estimated for the current year. This figure is more than 300,000 tourists last year's trip to Bangkok and Paris. This report is provided by MasterCard Global Cities Index.

According to the source and report, 16.4 million tourists are expected to travel to Bangkok in 2014, it remain in second place as well as and Parisian is on third place. London Mayor has said that in the current year 2014, about 19 million tourists come to London is very exciting and thrilled. London is famous for history, heritage, arts, culture, greenery, etc.  The tourist came here to see the Royal Palace, dinner at Michelin star restaurants, and for world-class sports events.  Fourth consecutive year Global Cities Index is declared.

It is used to refer to the 132 Most Traveled Cities. The two cities are among the top five cities-London and Paris in Europe. Moreover, Bangkok, Singapore and Dubai is named. The complete list of Europe in Istanbul, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Vienna, including names. The city includes the Top 20 Destination Cities. In the current year, about 19 million tourists arrival shows that the tourist business, cultural and economic importance prefer to go places. In the current year are many world class events held in London and therefore the number of tourists is expected to be good.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

According to Budget & Govt. 1.87 million Housing Shortage in the Country

The government said Wednesday that the country in 2012 was 1.87 million urban housing shortages. In a written statement in the Lok Sabha, Urban Housing Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said the total housing shortage of 1.87 million and from 1.05 million economically weaker class and low-income groups are from 74 million. 8.2 million Are from middle and higher income groups. Naidu said that by 2022, the government has set a target to provide shelter to the people.

Under the 12th Five-Year Plan of the Government of the urban housing shortage in the country to assess the technical group has been formed. Naidu said the JNNURM period has been extended to March 2015 and to complete March 2012 approved projects. Many projects are pending and last government can announce these projects in March 2012 so JNNURM period can increase to complete these projects and full fill every people dream.

Latest Hindi business news is that 2014-15 budget also declared and many useful announcements for people and these are like home loan is up to 2 lakh tax free and tax pay amount also increased around 2.5 lakh and earlier it is 1.5 lakh.  Many other beneficial announcement also good for people in automobile sector,  education sector , housing sector, and one more good news for anti tabco people , excise duty is increase before it is 11% and now is 72% so everything will more costly.