Thursday, 16 October 2014

Smart Phone is most important item during Holiday

While being on a tour earlier, magazine, guidebook, Sunscreen lotions and creams were the items we preferred carrying. However the scenario today is way different and the Smartphone has become the most essential items. Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) is told through a survey to take that holiday trip, do not forget the person's Smartphone. It has joined him in equal need. The survey covers 13 countries and has over a million passengers.

64 per cent of Indian travelers have said smart phones important items for them. 76 percent of travelers said they will work every day on Smartphone during Tour. 10 of 1 passenger said they would prefer to stay online. The survey also revealed that the Smartphone has replaced the traditional postcard. 59 per cent of participants said they tend to text message their friends. Holiday trip with friends or family at the global level, the most fun was told.
55 percent of Indian travelers to plan Holiday Tour are the most fun round. For Tour 43 percent people less than a day to do the investigation. IHG's Customer Loyalty senior co-chairman said that mobile technology is being drawn towards the people today. 52 percent of the Indian people during Tour said they will check once per day Social Media. 34 percent said Face-book page checks to sleep the night before. 32 percent said they prefer to take Selfi during the trip. The trend is growing rapidly.

Friday, 10 October 2014

25,000 Villages to Benefit from Renewable Energy Solar Plan

Energy and power, especially electric power is the backbone to any meaningful and sustainable development effort in most countries of the world. It drives and fuels the aspirations of the masses and development conscious people to engage in meaningful economic activity. It automates, lights up homes and industries, education institutions, hospitals, highways and streets as well as giving due impetus to economic activity.

According to the latest proposals, plans and efforts by the government there’s feasibility to finance village solar micro grid that will provide electricity to more than 25,000 villages across 6 states of Rajasthan, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar.

Proposals and Feasibility Plans of the New Solar Power Storage Grid

For most of rural India is still under extreme darkness after nightfall with no provision for electrification. This puts India on low per capita availability of electricity even with significant progress in many scientific and knowledge spheres. The establishment of solar powered electric grid can achieve many benefits. Among the evident and feasible achievements of solar powered village micro grids are;

Some Interesting Points of the Proposed Village Micro Grids 
-Establish solar electricity village micro grids.
-Solar energy and renewable energy sources like wind energy to provide constant power supply.
-Timely completion of village micro grid project by December 2014. 
-Self-sufficient power supply in villages on micro grid.
-Monthly payment and billing for electricity to be as low as 100-200 rupees.
-More than 25,000 – 30,000 Indian villages to be made self sufficient in power supply.
-Off grid power can still be supplied to rural families at fraction costs
-Enhanced learning from success stories of Ghana and Germany.

Although per capita electricity availability in rural India is still very low the essence of any development work lies in making life and work of people easier and more enjoyable. With concerted efforts and plans bearing fruit these development goals are laudable.