Monday, 23 June 2014

Gold & Silver Price increase because of Iraq crisis

Rather than create a crisis in Iraq and a lot of investors level both in domestic markets and working market price of metals and gold going high. This Saturday price in local wholesale market gold kilo bar 910 rupees per 10 grams, and it was going around 28,500. Silver price hike RS. 2,400 per kg on the spot price are 44900 per kg.

Latest business news is that global crude petroleum price also increases because of sudden Iraq crisis. After pressure by US and air this news in local and domestic market both metals and gold prices on some level condition.

In global market gold price increased $39 and price is $1315 per ounce and silver 128 saints and now price is 2098 saint. In local market and very much demand of silver price is hike 2400 Rs per kg and gold 28500 rs per 10 gram and increased by 910 per kilo bar.

 Business sources and experts say that Iraq's latest crisis has found local investors are not easily invested on gold and silver. But secure investment can increase investor to invest in gold and silver more. Global markets booming and the country seeking support those wedding wedlock also made faster environment. Experts believe that may take temporary breaks on faster growing price of gold and silver.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Inflation is already here and everyone is worried

The country is again awake worrying about inflation. The interesting thing is that now this time it is not the common man and poor guy concern but it is spoken by business holders. This Monday may month inflation figures which yielded him seeing the industry business holders & said that to restore impetus in the economy growing is the most important to get a grip on inflation. FICCI President Siddhartha Birla said that food and fuel prices is the main factor in increasing the hazard of an increase in inflation, continues to remain lower than normal monsoon. Later food prices could remain under pressure.

The CII Director General chandrajit Banerjee, the Confederation of Indian industry that increases in inflation cause for concern by stating that to restore impetus in industrial production prices rise is most important to check because high inflation to interest rates remains tough that one cost of capital for the industry. He said that the Government should consider adopting a multidimensional perspective which model APMC Act To apply, develop advanced supply chain involves effective modernization in the MSP. Assoc ham dispatched teams of General Secretary D. S.  Rawat said that supply is too long this time cutout many middlemen. Organized & connect govt. distributer directly to the farmers, retailers and exporters need to unite.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Spice Jet Monsoon Offer for Traveler at 1999

Air travel companies compete on passenger fares every day and now they are reached extreme low cost.  Spice jet announcing Tuesday 10 June monsoon plan and beginning price is 1999 only. Rent it to travel between the south Indian cities and other more cities.

Rent is applying from July 11 to September 30 period days. Tickets booking start from 10 to 12 June and it will be available on centers. Cities are included Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mysore; Dak can travel between these cities. Spice jet offer can definitely effect of Air Asia market position.

Latest business Hindi news says that air Asia flights service also start on Thursday in India. Market analyst says that this Malaysian company can improver our position early and make a strong travel service in India.  Over all the fare charges of spice jet is same as go-air or indigo.  After air Asia presence in India then make a good competition between both the spice jet and indigo.  Every one can start minimum air fair price for ticket because all of them want to make a strong position in Indian air travel market.   Hope every thing is set according to travels need and affordability.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Reserve Bank kept policy interest rates unchanged

Committed to keeping inflation under control, Raghuram Rajan RBI Governor of the Central Bank policy interest rate unchanged today at 22.5 percent but the SLR was reduced to 0.5 percent.

Statutory liquidity ratio (SLR), the minimum proportion of fixed deposits with banks and are demanding that the government has to invest in securities and its management remains in control of the Reserve Bank.

SLR by half a per cent to Rs 40,000 core to banks that will cash may be used to pay debt.

Latest business news is that this is second consecutive time the central bank's policy to encourage the growth of the repo interest rate is kept constant at 8 percent. Decrease in the demand of the industry and the business world was so cheap loans to banks and demand in the economy increased. Repo is the rate at which the central bank lends to banks cash for immediate needs.

The central bank cash reserve ratio CRR: is also kept unchanged at 4 percent. CRR is the portion of deposits that banks have to keep with the central bank and it does not interest them.

Rajan Gwarnn RBI said in a release 2014-15 at the second bi-monthly monetary policy to keep policy rates unchanged and September - 2013 the rise in interest rates between January 2014 Apsfitik be appropriate to give effect to their work in order to reduce inflationary pressures in the economy .