Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mobile apps are getting 21 percent of travel bookings

According to the survey, 21 per passenger trip dot com mobile applications are booking through the holiday season. Become the primary means of desktop and laptop at Hna. Members include, but are now Smartphone. Travelers, travel agents and call centers are already planning on a holiday trip, but the dialogue is also searched the Internet is nowadays. According to the survey, 83 per cent of participants said they plan a trip in the summer holidays are five to fifteen days. 69 percent stay with family and friends who consider convenience. 53 per cent to Rs 2,500 on the trip, while 42 percent said spending on migration from the point of booking tickets three months ago. In the survey, 57 percent said they are trip holiday three times a year. 93 percent of respondents to explore new discussed.
Holiday Destination, hand in choosing the Social Media. Nowadays people are connected on Social Media and the 33 percent of the participants but also take new idea after discussing the Social Media Summer Holiday Destination are final. In all this time, the number of traveler's budget has grown 26.7 percent last year, while the number of those who said it was only 7 percent. Luxury travel is revealed to rise. This time, the number of Rs 50,000 is 20 percent to 11 percent last year. Visit dot com president visiting tourists in the summer is growing from year to year. This trend has been seen in previous years. Indians are regular tours to enjoy. Weekend trips, luxury trips, family trips, Pokit Ferndale are being given priority according to the trip. The graph is also growing mobile booking for the trip.

Friday, 3 April 2015

It is also Happened in Recession

The large decline in global crude oil prices and the economic and trade sanctions on Russia’s economy are currently going through a deep recession. Is generally believed that the recession affected all businesses are widely being recorded in Russia in a recession, but there is some business environment in which the business of the recession is proving to be extremely positive. Jonas nor lender 8-year period, a person who had launched a website called Avito today has become Russia's largest classified advertising website. Quicker and websites in India as compared with OLX, Inc. can be.

Nor lender say that the sharp fall in the ruble exchange of Russia's 143 million people in the country is facing a severe economic pressure, but their business is reaching new heights of progress because people in Russia to earn Cash mobile phone, TV , sofa, baby Stroll, laptops, purses, shoes, household products to sell as many are advertised on Avito. The number of products available for sale on Avito one year since the beginning of the economic downturn during the 43 'has increased.

It shows that the economic downturn is the widespread negative for businesses; the environment becomes an opportunity for some businesses. Jewellery manufacturers like Avito business in Russia is growing rapidly. The main reason is due to massive inflation and Currency Devaluation their savings are converted into gold. The company operates 250 jewelery showrooms in Russia Adamas says sales at showrooms in December 40 increased by. Unusually large number of people is buying gold. So many customers at once on some Sorumon 20 million to 50 million rubles have bought jewelery.

Similarly, Canned Food sales in Russia 10 "at the edge of the last one year is more than double the global average is recorded. The last 1 year 46 rubles against the dollar the currency of Russia "has been a huge decline. The purchasing power of the people of Russia Nirbrt on imports has fallen widely. Similarly, the rate of inflation in the last 1 year, 6 "above the level of the 17" level is reached.