Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The number of visitors to the goal of 1.1 billion

Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Minister Mahesh Sharma said the government's target of 1.1 billion in the country to increase the number of tourists is three years. According to the statement in the next three years, one of the world's tourists are ready to welcome percent. The country of 70 million foreign tourists annually. Our goal in the next three years, the percentage of the world's tourists come to the country, which is approximately 1.1 billion Hongelprytn tourist, the leading global social, economic activity and it is also very relevant to the economy. With an investment of Rs 18 million jobs in agriculture, manufacturing and tourism in 45 jobs could be raised to 78 jobs to the tourism economic development is an important component to make.

He said the central government on November 27, 2014 for 43 countries, Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is introduced. During the last 5 weeks over 22 179 visas are issued online. Of these 43 countries worldwide, approximately 42 per cent of India's tourism market. Home Ministry, China, England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy are also included in the list of countries to ETA have been requested. These countries share 20 per cent of India will bring the global tourism market. He said that the basic structure of government for the development of tourism "National Mission on pilgrimage revival and spiritual promotion (Piarasadi), two and announced plans for the development of five integrated circuits provide additional Rs 500 crore is provided.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Many Americans left behind in Car Bazaar

China is the world's largest car market. This year, nearly 46 million more Americans than new cars sold in China are estimated. Close to ten per cent against the US vehicles in China, but also in cities with more than a dozen cars and traffic jams rationing is applied to a problem of the increase in the size of the market is still scope. Seeing him with the chart clearly shows that in the last ten years there has been a revolution in China, to what extent. According to World Bank figures for 2011 where 786 thousand cars in the US, while in China the figure is just 69. But the biggest thing is that until recently, there were two-car customers who bought the car for the first time in his life. According to market research company Apposes Pour the researchers Claus vehicles in the US are already very much in the here and now that the sale is that it is mostly the replacement or the new car buyers.

According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers vehicle market in China this year, up to 2 million units at the rate of 8 F Isdi crossing will reach 2.16 million. Trains in China sales in 2014 had risen to 9.9 per cent. The US sales in 2014 was around 5.9 per cent in 2015 is estimated at 1.6 to 7 million units. 1.73 million Cars were sold in the US in 2000. LMC reported auto sales in the US in the new and old car, 1: 3, i.e., more than a new car every three used cars are sold. Increasing the ration of new cars in China in the market picking up old cars had yet to be a bit sluggish. General Motors during the last 15 years as the scope of the global auto industry has increased only 72 per cent of China's.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

PM Said Instead of Investing in Gold Funds in the Bank Minister Narendra Modi said citizens to invest in the purchase of gold deposits in the bank should instead. Gold investments are generally termed unproductive investment. He is good practice to save the citizens, but the last few years it has grown to attract savings to invest in gold. Citizens have a safety. Unproductive investment banks now again have to try to attract bank deposits. This is certainly challenging course. He is also a challenge to the citizens. They should not rely on gold, keeping in mind the safety of citizens to invest in gold are the future purpose but making sure that banks must assure citizens that their bank deposits are safe and more comfortable whenever required manner will be available to them. ICICI Bank dedicated to the nation, he said that the digital village bank in the country through its social elevation and can be helpful to change.

He demanded more cash while promoting armed banking deals that may resolve the problem of black money. Modi said gold imports has proved resistant to the development of the country's economy. July-September, 2014, the current account deficit during the gold imports rise 2.1 per cent of GDP has increased. Clean India campaign in the country in terms of the one million young entrepreneurs work of Solid Waste and water waste management should relate themselves. Clean India campaign in the country would be so successful.

In the context of rural development, Modi said the country's economic growth prospects and the power can prove. Union Minister Arun Jaitley said that the government's economic reforms undertaken by his attempts to bring mobility. He said the government would not do anything to impede economic growth and reform. He said the key challenge now is to develop investment by improving infrastructure of the country's overall economic and social development can be carried out. Essential to the economy of the country for the next phase of economic reforms will be introduced shortly.