Tuesday, 6 January 2015

PM Said Instead of Investing in Gold Funds in the Bank

http://www.nafanuksan.com/Prime Minister Narendra Modi said citizens to invest in the purchase of gold deposits in the bank should instead. Gold investments are generally termed unproductive investment. He is good practice to save the citizens, but the last few years it has grown to attract savings to invest in gold. Citizens have a safety. Unproductive investment banks now again have to try to attract bank deposits. This is certainly challenging course. He is also a challenge to the citizens. They should not rely on gold, keeping in mind the safety of citizens to invest in gold are the future purpose but making sure that banks must assure citizens that their bank deposits are safe and more comfortable whenever required manner will be available to them. ICICI Bank dedicated to the nation, he said that the digital village bank in the country through its social elevation and can be helpful to change.

He demanded more cash while promoting armed banking deals that may resolve the problem of black money. Modi said gold imports has proved resistant to the development of the country's economy. July-September, 2014, the current account deficit during the gold imports rise 2.1 per cent of GDP has increased. Clean India campaign in the country in terms of the one million young entrepreneurs work of Solid Waste and water waste management should relate themselves. Clean India campaign in the country would be so successful.

In the context of rural development, Modi said the country's economic growth prospects and the power can prove. Union Minister Arun Jaitley said that the government's economic reforms undertaken by his attempts to bring mobility. He said the government would not do anything to impede economic growth and reform. He said the key challenge now is to develop investment by improving infrastructure of the country's overall economic and social development can be carried out. Essential to the economy of the country for the next phase of economic reforms will be introduced shortly.

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