Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Inflation is already here and everyone is worried

The country is again awake worrying about inflation. The interesting thing is that now this time it is not the common man and poor guy concern but it is spoken by business holders. This Monday may month inflation figures which yielded him seeing the industry business holders & said that to restore impetus in the economy growing is the most important to get a grip on inflation. FICCI President Siddhartha Birla said that food and fuel prices is the main factor in increasing the hazard of an increase in inflation, continues to remain lower than normal monsoon. Later food prices could remain under pressure.

The CII Director General chandrajit Banerjee, the Confederation of Indian industry that increases in inflation cause for concern by stating that to restore impetus in industrial production prices rise is most important to check because high inflation to interest rates remains tough that one cost of capital for the industry. He said that the Government should consider adopting a multidimensional perspective which model APMC Act To apply, develop advanced supply chain involves effective modernization in the MSP. Assoc ham dispatched teams of General Secretary D. S.  Rawat said that supply is too long this time cutout many middlemen. Organized & connect govt. distributer directly to the farmers, retailers and exporters need to unite.

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