Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The steering wheel is smart

Smart cars in the world are catching up to the exercise. It's smart to try the car, as well as certain parts of the car have to make intelligent. Recently there has been a special steering wheel design keeps a constant eye on you and as soon as he realizes that you're tired, then immediately alert sing and condition was filtered. It explains it all gets grip on the steering wheel. Hoffman and Kripanr are designed by company name. The company's engineering team believes you are conscious constantly apply pressure on the steering wheel, the hand Firate. If someone is having a nap or a heart attack or any other reason, there is unconsciousness, and then the pressure will decrease and even wield hands on the steering wheel.

The steering wheel towards the inside of the thin strip has been set up under the covers. The strip is made of several layers foul. These are very mild electric current runs between the layers. When the driver presses the strip Dbti steering wheel and the short circuit layers are confronting gets. The faster a microprocessor, frequency and keeps recording areas and driving patterns designed by you. When users move away from the pattern so Stiydakshrg Wheel is quick to detect and immediately makes you alert.

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