Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Crude Oil: Today and Tomorrow

Water economy is the base of the changes that we have seen till date, namely, what are the usages of water that we get from monsoon for free but the task to change the story and history will be done by oil or oil economy. The strong period of oil economy is giving us signs and If we closely have a look of both these economies, it is said that as crude oil cheaper to run, our economy, defined by the name Real Stake and the society system called Smoke Stake, dependent on this, will soon accept the system where everything gets self destructive like oil and the countries that know how to make castles in the air generated by oil, will be called successful and developed, business news reported.

How the deed of firing and getting fire is turning important is understood by the fact that the elite class of our country does not really reveal the basic reason of hike in the usage of oil at present but advises that India should increase the storage capacity of cheap oil. How much do we spend on the import of oil and the foreign exchange losses do not meet the ever goes down. Even tough, our environment minister Prakash Jawdegar participate in the sessions that aim the International summit going to be held in Paris in 2015 and India is expected to contribute 10 billion in the production of Green Climate Fund so that we can  control the level of carbon pollution. Many intellectuals believe that the dip in the prices of Oil is the end of the Oil Age as per business news.

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