Friday, 22 August 2014

Prime Minister Said India should be at the front position in technology

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said technology touted a real power to lead the world standing that India needs to stay ahead in this field. A program of Defense research & Development Organization MODI said, the world is rapidly changing so rapidly is changing war and defense criteria.

The technology has become a real force. "He said, I see it as a major challenge that time before we complete your work how. If the world will complete a work year in 2020, so we do till 2018. Prime Minister said, it boils down to the idea of a work in 1992 and asked that in 2014 it will take some time to complete and he said that should make the world agenda for drdo.

Defense Minister Arun Jaitley said India's geographical position of unique we are living amid turbulent neighbors for decades and we cannot change it. He said the drdo to your actions should focus on exports the niptakar. The Prime Minister has to attract young talent in the drdo said scientists should be linked to the universities for some time For example, so that students can be established. The Prime Minister said, let us identify the universities and scientists will help students with add him. He said the youth's ability to use all of the age of 35 years, drdo scientists should build a laboratory.

Appreciate the work of Indian scientists, MODI said, "Our scientists are working hard in the laboratory they sacrificed a lot and then they come out with something that is in the interest of the entire human race."

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