Tuesday, 12 August 2014

E-commerce business in circumstances Now a Day’s

India's e-commerce business is growing fast. $ 1.8 in Flip kart without a foreign investment and Amazon Bill dollar, new investment in the region now can get to see competition. According to a report by India's e-commerce business year 2016 rise 30.3 is likely to be without dollar currently around without dollar 16.3. India's e-commerce business by the year 2016 Russia Countries like Brazil, South Korea, will leave behind that is currently ahead against India. India's e-commerce business. 52.3 percent higher growth rate of 38 percent and America of Britain's 33.8 percent will remain but nonetheless at global level the market size will be very small.

According to a report by e-marketer on the global level total industry business e-commerce rise 1.3 percent to the current share of which is expected to be 1.6 percent still get worldwide e-commerce on the very long way to go and of market size still is too large. E-commerce develop most in fast pace China is that the current size is $ 181.6 without surpasses by year 2016. And $ 439.7 without. Is China likely to global e-commerce will make his second location in which the US would reduce from $ 545.8 bit? Business to kanjyumar sales network through growing with leaps in China. Highest after China in India although populations but the e-commerce business in India companies still are working on the initial level.

But in the country as the number of middle-income citizens will grow rapidly and will definitely use the Internet e-commerce business will also see rapid mobility because this business to consumer through lower cost products would be available because it costs employees working capital and showroom with costs of rental and investment portfolio will work with the Internet in India even today. The total 13.7 million only one million people is the only e-commerce work to your requirements and there are also volume and product very selectively. Currently only 80 percent of e-commerce sales of travel services.

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