Tuesday, 24 March 2015

State Power is Manages Like that

Power management of public companies in the state is very interesting. This fact was revealed in the state's Energy Minister Pushpendra Singh assembly. He was the last days of rain and hail from low power consumption units was closed, they are being introduced. It operates in the state of power cuts in the past few days would prevent night. Singh raised the issue during Zero Hour intervention in this regard; stating that it is true that power cuts in the state in three to four days is the night.

He said the last days of rain and hail were reduced power consumption. For this reason Suratgarh, Cbra 2320 MW of thermal power stations and other units were closed. A unit of 1160 MW of electricity demand has started to grow, and soon Cbra 500 MW units at the start will be closed. The state's 42 million units in the last two days have been purchased and will not cut power Monday. This is one of the great achievement and good for everyone who do not get any electricity and power during power cut . After this every one can get electricity easily and make some good benefits. 

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