Tuesday, 3 February 2015

35 cities in China with 10 million cars

See the photos , sounds like the temple were in line with those for the anchor. But in reality, these are money. China has dozens of cities every year fixing the car is given lottery. These are photos that line the car customer and join the lottery for car dealers who would like their documents notarized.

Despite this situation in the past year, China has 1.70 million new cars on the road, as well as the total number of cars in China reached 15.4 million. Ten per cent of China's population, ie 138 million people have cars. According to the Ministry of Public Security of China in recent years, the obsession with cars is dominated, the result that it is now the preferred means of transport except beat a motorcycle as well.

43.9 per cent of the total vehicles cars in China were five years ago, but now, according to 2014 figures, the number has risen to 58.6 per cent. In 2013, 21.9 million people in China last year, 24.7 million were used for driving licenses and nearly 29.7 million Chinese who have more than one year old are not licensed. There are 35 cities in China where over one million cars and more than ten million then. Most 63 cars per hundred households in China in Beijing, while the average is 25.

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